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Originally Posted by ROID
After reading latest interview with Fedor he talks about how he respects Randy and wishes they could have been friends and not have to fight. I think this could play a huge part in the fight if he shows Randy too much respect.
I remember reading a interview with fedor where he said he submitted Mark Coleman instead of beating the crap out of him because he liked and respected him, he's gonna have to finish randy any way he can if they do fight, if he's picky choosing which way he wants to finish randy he's gonna be in trouble.
Plus no matter how much Randy respects anyone, in the octagon he doesnt give a crap, he tries to beat them into a bloody mess. Another factor in this fight is fedor bleeds really easily, and you know how many fights end in cuts in the UFC.
Any way, im gonna say it now, i predict randy winning Fedor when and if it happens. Got a funny feeling about this one. Everyone thought Cro Cop was going to walk through everyone, when he dint everyone said, it wont happen to shogun. It did and i think it will happen to Fedor,
I might be wrong but thought id share my thoughts
I think your thinking of Fedor's respect for Randy like GSP's envy of Matt Hughes as the same thing, which they aren't. Fedor simply says he respects Randy and hates the idea of fighting him, but like a true warrior he goes on to say he will fight whoever he is told to fight by the UFC. I would like to think that Fedor won't be like GSP was in his first fight with Hughes and all nerves and crap cuz he was fighting his idol but rather see Randy as a skilled fighter that he wants to fight to prove he is the best.

Also, while I know Randy is crafty and uses the cage to his advantage I think Fedor does the almost exact same thing, and will have no problem going to the ground with Randy as that is where he is weakest. But then again Fedor took the fight to Cro Cop and stood with him and beat Mirko at his own game so maybe Fedor works the stand up with Randy and reverses the pressure, always moving forward on Randy to beat him. Fedor you have to remember unlike a some Pride guys works the ring and cage, along with elbows. Mirko didn't work the cage or the elbows and paid for it.

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