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You can unlock armor different ways for different pieces, beating the game on different difficulties, becoming a leutenant ect.. some achievments get you armor plus getting all the skulls gets you armor( by the way we found a 14th one that does nothing but you can hold it)

I have changed up my armor since my pic and my guy looks bad a** hopefully I will have a pic soon.

a few of my friends have the samurai sword know for the got all 1000 achievments which is cool and I would sport it.

I do feel that getting some of the achievments through ranked rumble is stupid for I hate using vehicles and honestly think th eghost should be taken out but yeah besides the point.

I have not been able to rank up like I wanted for my friends all want me to get them up in team slayer so I have not been able to focus on my level in rumble but I am over 40 now in both rumble and slayer and once I can have a day or two to work on my rumble I will get my 50 for I have friends that are way worse then me at 45 to 48's, plus rumble is the fastest way to rank up for all you have to do is get in the top 3

Anybody else notice that it is damn near impossible to headshot elites now for some reason, I am a sniper in both halo 2 and 3 and for some reason it is damn hard to get headshots on elites now

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