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if he's talkinmg about squat walks which i think are also called duck walks,

put your feet about shoulder width apart, put your hands behind your head(like with your fingers laced), and squat with you feet and knees pointing out. ypur thighs should be parreleel to the floor, then hold that position and take a step forward with one leg, then step back with the same leg, and then the next leg while holding that stance.

another thing i like to do is add resistance while you try to shoot. like i got those resistance tube's, and i run one end up under an arm over the bak of the neck and under the other arm, secure it to somthing low and solid and explode through the motions.

this is from a mag. article. "a grappler must create a horizontel displacement in order to penetrate an opponents takedown defense. To create horizontel diaplacment, the grappler must overcome gravity's downward pull, as well as break inertia. A simple way to load the resistance vector is to add resistance from behind with a slight downward orientation."

hope that helps??


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