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Originally Posted by Split
And your posts only about quoting people and trying to make them look bad makes yours even worse.
I suspect that I don't care as much about how I look online as you do.

I have to say by looking randomly at a few threads, the only posts i see from you are ones like this.. Completly non-mma related, or simply pointless.
Opinion noted.

If you want to find some people to argue with or correct people's "mistake" just for the sake of it, im sure there are plenty of forums that have that very purpose. And this one should not be.
Then the post I'm responding to clearly has no business in this forum. I'll be sure to ignore its contents in my future posts.

Perhaps if you stopped to consider that the post I drew attention to is one that pretended everyone on this thread that failed to support Ortize was a Crocop supporting hypocrite, you'd realize the motivation behind many of the posts you find meaningless (if you spent a little more time on your investigation of me, you might find a higher % of meaningful posts than you'd expect.)

But you'd probably know better than me, right? After all, you feel like you have enough knowledge and insight to tell me how I should be posting. Did you come across a post of mine in your research where I was that bold?

Anyways, thread related, i don't think Tito had to "pay his bills" to a point where he would of fought very injured. He wanted to stay active and keep fighting so people would not forget him, and now with mediocre results he wants to win.

I dont know if Tito is finished, but i dont think he will ever be the old Tito again. He could def win his rematch against Rashad tho.
Ortiz seems to have gone the route of Ken Shamrock, Royce Gracie, and many others. Few from the old guardhave been able to adapt the way Couture has.

Originally Posted by Joe Rogan
That longing to return to the retarded past can only be born of some collective, subconscious, internal desire to try to turn back the clock on humanity and halt our obvious progression towards the inevitable zombie apocalypse of 2012.
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