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Originally Posted by UseOf_A_Weapon
judging from the video i'd say to expect the controls to be similar to the WWE/ RAW videogames. not a bad system, but it can take a while to learn and can be difficult to remember the movesets. still, i like where this is going. i hope it gets pulled off.
Yeah, the WWE games have a pretty good control system, and they let you integrate striking and submission quite well.

Still, that would only be a starting point. If I remember right, in those games you do a submission against an opponent who is prone (or supine). They either do a certain amount of damage, or they can make the other person tap out, if they don't hit a button often enough, or their momentum is too low.

But that means there is no interplay on the ground. With an MMA game you would need to have move sets to pass guard, posture up, reverse, spin out, give up your back, try to stand up, and so on, and submissions and strikes that could be done from various positions. So it would have to be plenty more complicated than the WWE games.

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