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Non american/UFC fighters

I was watching "inside mma" today, a show that at least should be knowledgable, led by "the" Bas and some other guys including Guy Mezger (who I after watching this, for reasons described below, now dislike). So, the show rolls and they talk about IFL shows and so on and so forth and then comes the rankings.

What first suprised me is that when you saw the featherweight rankings they mentioned Urijah Faber and totally dissed the other japanese names (from K1 or Shooto probably).

When we come to the lightweight rankings all you hear about is BJ Penn needing to be ranked as #1 and Roger huerta (who made it to the top 10 ranking and all the hosts ang guests are completely on his nuts hugging and comforting them). The K1 GP is totally dissed, JZ is ranked way to low and the hosts don't even seem to give a sh+t! They don't commentate ANY sort of outside US activity and only talk about american or UFc fighters ALL the time.

And when the HW rankings come Guy Mezger jumps from Huerta's to Couture's nuts saying Fedor doesn't fight anymore and having him #1 is like ranking Muhammad Ali as #1 today etc. And everybody (exept maybe Bas) seems to agree totally.

When thay check out the MW rankings Mezger&co automatically disses Anderson silva's #1 place and start praising and worshipping Dan Henderson. They seem to have forgotten that he lost his last MW bout in Pride to Mizaki and that Paulo Filho could even more likely than Hendo be ranked as #1. But nobody gives a sh+t about Filho either.

Is this what the MMA world has come down to? Popularizing and praising native fighters just to get "mainstream" and completely ignore the international names simply because they don't speak English. Randy Couture was Brazilian sure he would have been respectad, but not near the present level.

This show is a mere example, the same thing happens everywhere! Am I just confused or are all the good fighters simply ignored by unknowledgable people?

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