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Originally Posted by Damone
I do, too.

Who has Fedor beaten in the last year? Mark Hunt? An old, washed up Mark Coleman?

Randy Couture has beaten Gonzaga & Sylvia.

Fedor's last big win was against Mirko, and guess what, Gonzaga pretty much killed Cro Cop.

So, Mezger is not the anti-christ for saying that.

The MW one, though, I disagree with. Anderson Silva should definitely be number 1.
again damone you prove that you dont respect fedor and pretty much hate him like i said you did. sorry but fedor is #1 and will be #1 long after randy retires, so in a fight or two. randy is nowhere near the level of fighter noguiera fedor and hunt are. he would get destroyed by all of them.

and btw, beating a tired, injured, and not driven sylvia and the one kick wonder gonzaga stands NOT EVEN CLOSE to beating hunt and coleman.

and no offense, but nice attempt trying to do MMAth. youre the one that said it doesnt work

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