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My prediction!

I have only seen one Anderson Silva fight and he knocked out a guy, although not very hard to hit, that I thought could not be knocked out.

I have seen most if not all of Rich's fights. He reminds me of a smaller Fedor without the hyper closing ability. By that I mean that Rich is more than happy to stand with you and trade punch's and kicks and win the decision. He also has a tendency to get caught at some point during his fights but recovers quickly and never panics. Rich is extremely technical. His hands are up and his jabs are quick. He waists very little energy throwing useless punches and kicks or trying for fruitless takedowns.

It will be interesting to see how Rich handles the pace of this fight. The Chute Box guys love to overwhelm their opponents with non stop ferocious action. Some well placed leg kicks will slow the advance of any striker as well as some powerful jabs.

Prediction: Rich realizes that he may not win a 5 round decision with this guy so I look for him to "open up" with his hands, get to the clinch (another great way to stop a striker), and eventually put this guy to sleep with some Icemanesqe bombs coming out of the clinch.


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