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Originally Posted by GAVUTLITY11
In my bjj class i am a white belt, but i can tap the blue belts that i train with about 70% of the time. There is a white belt that started about a month before me and when we train it is 50-50. so belts sometimes dont mean anything. I have actually seen a blue belt tap my instructor (it was a lucky catch) but it happens. so it isn't about how much you know, it is about how effectivly and efficiently you can apply what you do know. In our class it is more important to perfect 5 or 6 techniques as opposed to knowing 10 mediocre techniques.
Sure, but the real difference comes when you have a guy on top of you pounding trying to take your head off with his right hand. That's when the difference between the beginners and the masters show up.

As for the difference between blue-belt and white-belt, it doesn't require much skill to really get a blue-belt. I know guys who could be given that rank walking into a dojo, but that doesn't mean that they're mast grapplers, or even experienced grapplers.

Everybody gets tapped once in a while, if there was someone who said that they've never been tapped out the they're definitely lying. The only difference between a black-belt and a white-belt is that a black-belt has been tapped out a hundred different ways and they know how not to let it happen anymore, even though sometimes it does.
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