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Originally Posted by iceman574
hey i was just doing some resurch and it hit me all shamrocks succes in his career as been at heavyweight he was the first ever king of pancreas champion. Was the first hybred fighters he has had some amazing battles at heavyweight he had to come down to 205 to face tito and it killed him tito Refused to face shamrock at heavyweight When asked to move to up he stated no i will only fight at 205 why would he refuse is it cos he feels he could not fight at his best at heavyweight and feels shamrock would be a greater threat maybe shamrock looks so bad latly cos he is a heavyweight compeatin at 205 and facin 1 of the best 205 fighters in the ufc i think it would only be fair that tito move to heavyweight this time if it was in the heavyweght div would the fight b different shamrock has lost all his 205 fights but has been a world class athleate at heavyweight. Tito is a world class athleate at 205 if he moved up to heavyweight would the tables turn
that a great argument i never thought of that, ken wants tito so bad he dropped down to fight him and anyone who knows mma, i dont mean fans i mean fighters, knows that it will kill you, it definetly takes something away when you dont fight are your natural weight

But i also dont want to make excuses for shammy, then people will jump all over that so its best to let is slide, but people should definetly keep this in mind.

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