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Originally Posted by iceman574
Thats what i thought tito claims he is better than shamrock but it is clear shamrock is no were near at his best it 205 if he is so good why refuse we all know why he knows dam well that if this was a heavyweght bout he would lose I aint making an ascuse its just shamy has fought tito twice at 205 why not prove without dout he is better an face shamrock were he is at his best

Nice sig brotha.

And to answer your question - Because Tito is a coward. I noticed this a long time ago, but no one really noticed because Ken accomadated for Tito's cowardness. Was it a smart move by Ken? No. But that is part of Tito's gameplan. He got under Kens skin too much. Doesnt make him less of a coward though. Cowards are smart usually.
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