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Bench presses :

no help this time, training alone.

154 x 8 (2 fast(I couldnt do it proper, I would have failed, but I wanted one rep more))
148 x 7 (1 fast)
143 x 6 (1 fast)

Squat :

242 x 6
231 x 6

Hanging Shoes :

Set 1 : 10 repetition
Set 2 : 8 repetition
Set 3 : 7 repetition


176 x 7
176 x 6

T-bar long row:

110 x 8

Today I experienced that it is not good to train if you were out and have less slep. Or, to say it the other way around. It is not good for your training to get less sleep. It is still possible to train but you cant expect dream results. That sucks, because I have felt like I could have done better with enough sleep. That doesnt help motivating.


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