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Originally Posted by Okami-Fan
Mortal Kombat Armageddon is they best fighting game out there

Have you actually played that game? Its a ******* travesty!

Until Armageddon was released, the MK series has always been my favorite fighting game if not favorite game. But now, I just don't know.

Tekken 3 is always great to play. I remember buying this game for 15$ when I was in gr 7, played it everyday at lunch the entire year. I give it a spin now and then.

Never played 5 all that much, got it when it came out but drifted away from it cause I had no time to play and havent since.

Mortal Kombat II on PS3 is a godsend, I love that freakin game soo much. My favorite MK game by far and I feel its their best work. (Best as in brilliance and wit)

Street Fighter II Turbo: The New Challengers,
Can't go wrong with this classic. My favorite Sagat appearance. All the fast paced action without all that goofy Alpha BS and juiced up characatures.

Anyone remember Primal Rage? That game was twisted in a sick kind of way. Remember pissing on your opponent to death with Chaos?

and you cant forget Killer Instinct

I just DL'ed a new 64 emulator and KIG so I can finally give it try once more. Wasnt good with too many characters but the ones I was good with, I was dominant with.
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