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Originally Posted by Okami-Fan
Mortal Kombat Armageddon is have a great story mode....and all the Characters whats not to love
All the characters is awesome I like that part, its what got me pumped for it in the first place.

Thats about all that I find stellar about it.

Lets begin my list of negatives:

-- The Fatality system,
Ok, this was truly a bad idea, its doesnt even get that creative, the way they intended it to be.

-- It came without bios,
This was a huge mistake. half the fun about MK is the stories and they decided that the game would be complete without them. Man were they wrong. Over at MKO, literally 9 out of 10 people thought this was the worst decision they had made.

-- KAF,
So, out of 60+ characters, fans still felt that they had no variety and needed to create their own. Bad idea. I dunno about you, but throughout the past 13 years, I went just fine without having to design my own character. I was happy with theirs.

-- The endings,
This game is called Armageddon, because it was suppose to be the end of these characters, Ed Boon was going to take MK to a different level with all new characters, and yet, they still managed to make Scorpion the champ thats gonna be around forever and gave him a reason to return in future MK games. The problem with that you ask? Well, everything in MK revolves around Scorpion. Its like this kool character that made a big hit is now being forced down everyones throats because Ed Boon has a fetish with the guy.

-- Puzzle Kombat out, Enter... Motor Kombat

Twisted Metal ripoff.....NEXT!
If someone told me that they like playing this game more than Chess or Puzzle Kombat, I'd call them a liar and a fraud.

and lastly, Konquest.

Konquest in Deception was alot of fun I thought, this one I think is freakin brutal, Taven and Daegon are shitty characters that look like Ben Affleck.

Other things people complained about over at MKO dont bother me soo much, like Motaro's legs, and Goros 4 pectorols.

I love Mortal Kombat but game was a disgrace and it has quite possibly turned me off of it for a long time. Unless they can reinvent MKII.

Originally Posted by obscura1560
Tekken 5 is awesome, there's actually a Muay Thai fighter in it, some black dude, can't remember his name but I went him all the time cause he was just awesome
Yeah, I think he's in Tekken 2, I know exactly who your talking about but ca't place his name.
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