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Originally Posted by obscura1560
Tekken 5 is awesome, there's actually a Muay Thai fighter in it, some black dude, can't remember his name but I went him all the time cause he was just awesome
His name is Bruce, the only reason I play with him is because of his Muay Thai and a very unstoppable 10-Hit combo. He's my 4th best character with Feng Wei(Tekken 5, 3rd best), Jin Kazama as my 2nd best and of course Heiachi Mishima as my best player. Unless your real good, you ain't stopping my 10 Hit combo, 3 times.

I love Soul Calibur II, my characters are Mitsurgi and Nightmare.

The game to end all fighting games for me and my friends is Street Fighter: Third Strike. The game is flawness, nice rounded characters with deep backstories, the parry system is great and you get 3 old characters to add to the new characters.

And yes, all Mortal Kombat games after MKII sucked.

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