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Originally Posted by Evil Ash
Such a great game. I was just mucking around with Create a fighter and you can make Shinya Hashimoto. They have his face and side burns. They have his pants but they can only be worn furing his entrance. I don't get it. What's the purpose of having the pants when you can't wear them. But, gosh it looks just like him. So, who else has the game? Who still plays it? Ra ra ra.
i play the shit out of that game still...i like the set up..the controls are easy to use..and the reason it doesnt get old is because you can create who ever you want..even if they dont look exactly like them you can make them fight like its like being a real fighter..maybe the way you create them, like the moves they do from the mount sometimes leaves you open for certain you go back and tweak them until they are perfect..if you lose you can go back to the drawing work out the bugs in my guys i always fight in the survival and see how far i can get with them..i hope they make a new one
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