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Ahh... Fighting games. Probably one of my biggest gaming passions behind RPGs. Kinda' funny how they are so far at the opposite ends of the spectrum, but I digress. I haven't really stayed too current on Fighting games. I do have a few favorites:

2D Fighting Games:
Night Warriors - Darkstalker's 2 was an often played backdrop to many afternoons of VS play. This one was also at the lounge of the Jr. College I went to at the time, and there was a trio of use that used to terrorize the morning students on this on a consistent basis. The Saturn version of this was arcade perfect. Favorite Characters: Felicia, Morrigan, and (when I want to just piss people off) Sasquatch and John Talban.

Samurai ShoDown 2 was the other fighting game next to Night Warriors at the lounge. This one was a backdrop fro either epic vs battles or pitiful one-sided beatings. Favorite Characters: Ukyo, Genjuro, Haohmaru, Jubei, and Wan-Fu (the last two are my "teaser" characters).

MKII was the defining MK experience to me. Not only was it a complete revamp and expansion of what worked for the first MK, it was didn't cross into the line of cheesiness. Once MK3 came out and they began using the "dial-a-combo" system, I dropped the series. When they made the simple hammering of buttons in sequence more rewarding and damaging than the juggles that took a lot more skill to do, it killed it for me. Favorite Characters: Jax, Kitana, Scorpian and Liu Kang

After that I didn't keep up with 2D fighting as much. I love the KoF series and many other Neo Geo fighters (Last Blade rocks serious ass), but I kinda' fell away from 2D fighter so I missed a lot of the Capcom Vs. series, and when Street Fighter finally learned how to count to "3." The only great amount of time I spent playing a 2D fighter was when I worked at Nintendo and ended up playing multiple rounds of Killer Instinct 2 with the QA guys who played the game for a full year before it came out on arcade.

3D Fighting Games:
Tekken 5 is definitely the best in the series. After they almost completely buried the series with Tekken 4 (if you haven't played it, just skip it), Namco went back and re-did Tekken from the ground up. With all new looks and animations (which eliminated the majority of the "shared" techniques) it gave me a reason to dive into the series again. Favorite Characters: Law, Kazuya, Paul, Nina (offensive monster), and King. Although a lot of times I would play Haohwrang, Lee, Ganryu, Asuka, Bruce, Bryan, Steve and Christie to really mix things up. Lee, Bryan, Bruce and Steve were absolute death on stages with walls. Bruce has a combo that will completely drain 100% of the opponent's health and kill them straight out if you connect with it on a stage with walls.

Virtua Fighter 4 Evo is the other 3D fighting game of choice for me. I have been completely in love with the VF series from its inception, and VF2 completely cemented it for me. While VF3 was good (and arcade perfect on the Dreamcast) it wasn't at the same visual level of other games release at the time (namely Tekken 3 and Soul Caliber). VF4 came out and then Evo followed after it with a larger and more completely diversed set of characters. It may have a deeper learning curve than Tekken, but there are few things as frantic and brutally beautiful than a match between 2 good VF players. Favorite Characters: Jeffrey, Jackie, Pai, and Kage (most folks don't play Kage and I love giving people fits with him). I would have listed 5, but I haven't played it.

Fighters Megamix was a Saturn-only compilation of the Virtua Fighter 2 cast and Fighting Vipers with many other great cameos of other AM2 games. It was a grand mash-up before they came in vogue and the action was frantic, brutal, and (unlike most VF games) player-friendly to control. Where VF had the technique and crisp strategy on hand, FV loaned it's enclosed arenas and physics engine. If you wanted to switch, fine play with the either game engine. Favorite Characters:Wolf, Lau, Picky, Tokio, and Candy.

Project Justice for the Dreamcast is still regularly played by me and my buddies to this day. Lots of double and triple-team tag moves make this game great and offers a lot to the frantic gameplay. Add in the fact that combos and supers are extremely player friendly to do, and you've got a lot of damage potential for each character. Favorite Characters: Hinata, Kyoko, Momo (pure evil), Daigo, and Roy.

There are many other 3D fighting games that have come along, but sadly I haven't kept current with them. I absolutely love DOA4, and have Soul Calibur 3 but haven't kept current with either series. I love Last Bronx for Saturn, but Sega dropped any hopes for further additions to that title. I guess I could include UFC (for DC) and Pride FC, but I kind of categorize them differently. Honorable mention also goes to Bloody Roar, The Street Fighter EX series, and countless otehr games I know are buried in the shelves of my game library.

In regards to:
Originally Posted by Kameleon
His name is Bruce, the only reason I play with him is because of his Muay Thai and a very unstoppable 10-Hit combo. He's my 4th best character with Feng Wei(Tekken 5, 3rd best), Jin Kazama as my 2nd best and of course Heiachi Mishima as my best player. Unless your real good, you ain't stopping my 10 Hit combo, 3 times.

On higher levels of gameplay, 10-hitters are suicide. Everyone can recognize them and take advantage of the breaks in-between.
Originally Posted by Kameleon
And yes, all Mortal Kombat games after MKII sucked.
The man speaks the truth.

It doesn't matter if you agree or disagree... As long as I don't bore you and I spark a moment of thought, my goal is achieved.

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