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i hate phonies why say that you are a fighter when you are not i dont get it i remember when i joind the army it was funny cos every guy in my unit was a boxing champ are a black best in ju-jit-su or had been in several kick boxin touniments everyone one just blaggin the hell out of each other. i was temted to tall them i was a genetically enhanced super fighter made by the goverment lol

the thing is i have been training for a few years and have not been fightin long but i am pretty good at it i have good allround skills but i hate guys those guys you see walkin down the street who think they are 10 men and are gangstars when most of them have ever been in a fight i love fightin those jokers . cos guys like that use intimadation as a wepon if you get past that and oppose them they crap them selvs lol

and has for guys who say that they are mma fighters and a black belt in this and a brown belt in that GROW UP YOU AINT FOOLIN NOBODY

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