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Heres my newer ones:

**Footprints of fire, Kisses left to desire**
Another realm was opened when you walked into my life
A smile arose on my face because the sight of you is a tender suprise
The days we were left smiling, I felt golden
Now its a thought of another time, another way to feel broken
It was a key you held into the deep depth of my soul
But for some reason you opened your palm and held it no more
For the next step I take will be a careful one
Ill have to drag this weight behind me, Feels like a ton
Life couldve carried on without the small crack
It wasnt meant to stay together, fell to the ground from your heart attack
In the day I try not to bring you up
But when I do time siezes and everything becomes abrupt
This is an awful after taste of bullshit and desire
I let myself into your world and for that I stand on fire
It just wasnt another person to use for yourself
Im different in the matter
As fragile as the glass you often shatter
Cover up the truth with more lies and deceptions
Soon enough youll be happy and I will not crave your attention
Shouldve taken a few more to blind you out
Never staying quiet anymore, In my voice will be a shout
It was in our being you had a doubt
And in my ear slowly you whispered get the hell out
Sorry for the love that was created
Sorry it wasnt good enough to keep it from the faded
Maybe another time will show a different story
Maybe then we can smile and live together in glory
I guess though for now its no more for me
I have taken a taste of satan
No more do I desire to see........

***Its you***
It was as simple as a hi and goodbye
Now its deeper and for love again I will fry
A bag of green is all I desired
Now In my heart your touch burns my fire
Another reason for dissapointment
A note folded and set between pages
Its you I seek in the night
Its your body I look forward to hold when I feel fright
Sorry doesnt begin to cover my selfishness
A search for the ultimate high
A feeling of bliss no amount of drugs can endure
Its what lies in you and in a chance
It hurts even worse to not even know how I hurt you
But the Knife lets me know all is fine
Blood drains into the ground and creates my home
A thousand tears all night long would release the tension
The way I feel when I cant talk to you
The emotions stirring when I see nothing
Ill sit here and wait for anything
I will create something and hope for you to finish it
If its useless pull the trigger before I say another word
If the future doesnt exist put on your boot and push down with force
Stop me from destroying myself
Just set a schedule and let me have my time
I need to know your there
I need to understand what is going on
Blind indeed for a cane holds my way
Ill take it though
A taste of it and I am hooked
Your so ****en beautiful, Unbelievably gorgous
Its amazing how someone can look as good as you do
Just smile my way so I can live in piece


All I see are ashes left from your charcoaled black heart
The erie screams left imprinted in time
Was it so hard to have what you want
Did you have to die inside and shrivel on the out
I was not good enough to keep you from dying
The words I output were just not the answer
Me and only me I dont blame myself
It is so hard to see what the truth was
Made up from the lies that spew out your mouth
To even believe what you say when you lie so clearly
I am human also, Its not that easy to decieve me
Rip this place in time and shatter the minds be told
Lost boy says he has no frigh but tears in his eyes shows different
How do you live with yourself
How can another soul be so close
All you do is use people for what there not worth
Ditch this shit again and you will be dead
In a heart in a soul existance told is no more
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