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Originally Posted by IronMan
... I've always thought that suplex was a little bit stupid because I'm short and strong and sometimes I have trouble getting my weight under people. Now I'm gonna have to start working on that...
Actually, I love suplexes for the reason that I am shorter than most of my training partners. I've found it very easy to enter in, clinch up on a taller sparring partner, and (because of my height) I'm already at a place to upset their center of balance (their hips). Once there, a quick pop of the legs and turn here or there, and you have one opponent on the ground wondering what the hell just happened.

Suplexes fall under Judo's application of Sutemi Waza (sacrifice techniques), where one sacrifices their own upright position to throw someone else. Most suplexes don't require that you actually lift your opponent completely off the ground. It just so happens to be that the most brutal ones will be those where you fully lift your opponent, as if you have the technique down well enough, you will be able to determine how hard and at what angle they actually land. As with most throws, technique means everything.

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