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Originally Posted by B-Real
They had Shinsuke Nakamura and Manabu Nakanishi. Well known Japanese pro wrestlers but not well known amoung MMA fans. The wrestlers on the games are some of my favourite wrestlers but they're not great fighters and most fight fans wouldn't have a clue who they are. It's stupid putting them on the games, it just doesn't make sense. Josh Barnett fought in K-1 only once but it was smart to put him on the games because he will sell copies. You need to have fighters people know and like, otherwise there is no point.
Actually, it makes perfect sense since they aren't going to release a North American version of the game. It's just a simple reflection of their market.

I'm not a big fan of the K-1 World Grand Prix or Dynamite!! games. Their game engines aren't very good. But, I'm not all that suprised seeing as the K-1 license is no longer handled by Konami, but is instead being done by the publishers of the "Simple 2000..." line of games. All of them done by small teams only to be released at budget prices.

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