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Originally Posted by Robopencil
All right, here's what you do. Take a sharp knife, exacto-blade, anything like that. I used a 6" chefs knife myself because the one I own is extremely sharp and makes things less painful. Every few days you need to run the knife across your shins, make sure you cut the bone as well or else you're doing this for no reason. Make about 3 or 4 semi-deep cuts. Clean them up, put peroxide on them, and bandage them. After a few days, you should take a rolling pin and roll it up and down the cuts. It will probably make them bleed but just do it anyways, it makes a huge difference. Wait another few days and then repeat the process. Someone told me that this works because the bone regrows but it comes back like 3 times as hard, so it absorbs vibrations better and doesn't hurt your nerves as much. Yes I'm joking.. Stick to kicking bags...
Ok, at first I was like, BAH-ha, what a joke. Then I thought you were serious. Then I was like, this guy is a freakin psycho. Then you tricked me. Tricky bastard. +rep
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