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Originally Posted by obscura1560
Whoever said anything about doing what Van Damme does in Kickboxer, shut the hell up, because you know nothing.

When you spar, wear shinguards. And You can't really ever stop the pain you get when you kick someones shin. Because think about it, your shin is like a baseball bat, that's why it hurts so much. Now imagine instead of a punch bag dangling from the ceiling, think of a baseball bat. Kick that and it'll hurt like hell.

That's why using your shin for defense is a good thing, cause it hurts your opponent

wow - obscura1560 you are a retard...

Humor... look it up in the dictionary.

and you don't use shins because it hurts them you use it because it prevents you from getting a dead leg from blood pooling. Take a few real kicks in the thigh and you will learn real quick the pain of shin blocking is more favorable than not being able to move you leg. My guess is you don't fight is why you don't know this...

Also people do kick banana trees for shin conditioning. They have a soft spongy coating that hurts like hell but won't cut you.

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