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Originally Posted by Steve-d
like i said before and even dana said after the show (not i beleive a damn thing that ass says) but i dont think at that point in time he had an interest in coaching, does that make him an asshole? No

He said no to being a TUF coach, clat out, then dana white said, well guess who the other coach will be. he said tito and of coarse Ken said yes, just to get at tito so dana of all people knew why he was there.

Now, i dont like making excuses but ev1 says it was edited to look bad even ken, a recent interview he mentioned that because of the way he was prtrayed on that show as well as the early stoppage in ortiz/shammy 2 he was not feeling any love coming from the UFC (which is when retirment rumors started flying)
I never said he was an asshole, I said he was a bad coach on TUF3(Which he was). Didn't Kalib Starnes end up teaching them anyway? I know Ken didn't want to be there, but adbandoning your team is just wrong, and it didn't make Ken look good. Ken talks so much about respect, but he hardly showed any on that show. Still, I respect Ken for what he's done, but don't make him out to be some saint who got tricked by evil Dana.

Vernon White was a really good striker who'd hit you at weird angles.

Ken has some knowledge to pass on. If anything, the guy is an incredible self promoter who has made the UFC a ton of money.

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