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Originally Posted by Pogo the Clown
Silva is nothing special. He was never able to Win the UFC title and had to go to Pride to get it. Chuck had to face guy's like Randy Coutore, Tito Ortiz and Vitor Belfort (both he and Ortiz demolished Silva) in order to win that belt. You think if Silva had to face the likes of Liddell, Coutore, Ortiz or Belfort as his top contenders he would have won the title or have been as long reigning and dominating champion as he is in Pride? Please! Of course non of the Pride fans would ever admit to it.
first off yes he was unable to win in the ufc and then went to pride by once he went to pride he improved A F*CKING SHIT LOAD and dont act like silva hasnt won against any good fighters ricardo arona, guy mezger, dan henderson, quinton jackson(2), sakuraba(2) second him and liddell never fought and tito got a decision over him not the most convincing win and third if any of those *****es aside from coutore (cause hes retired) tried to take his belt in pride THEYD GET KNOCKED THE **** OUT (liddell has a bit of a chance) id admit chuck had a tougher road to become champ but it doesnt make him a better fighter and you saying silva is nothing special just shows u know nothing about pride or are just plain ignorant

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