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Originally Posted by AWM
kick a tree like in kickboxer, i think its in tha film
heavy film
The movie Kickboxer reminds me of what the author Gustav Hasford said in his Vietnam memoir about how US Marines came in from three solid weeks of truly brutal combat, and somebody had the idea of showing them the John Wayne movie The Green Berets for entertainment.Hasford says that the Marines, the true combat soldiers laughed themselves silly watching that movie.
I would think ditto about the movie Kickboxer.
Good example:Who could have withstood the beating that Van Damme's character is supposed to have taken before that guy shows up with his brother and lets him know that it is all right to fight back?
Example two:Who would have that kind of bounceback?Have you ever tried to throw a kick to the head, for example, when you were all sore and stiff?
And what about the glass on the boxing gloves?Wouldn't he have been bleeding to the point where couldn't even see? How many pro bouts do you know about where it was stopped because of a cut over the eye?
And on and on and on and on................
Enjoy the laughs!
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