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Originally Posted by Pogo the Clown
Silva is highly overated on these forums. Sorry if that offends you. If anything he is the major underdog if he were to fight Liddell. yet everyone acts like he will just destroy Liddell. Like I said, Silva had to go to Pride to win the title because he couldn't do it in the UFC. Liddell did so that makes him the better fighter as he was able to beat the top competition that Silva couldn't.

Well that arguement could hold some water, if Chuck didn't beat Tito 4 YEARS after Wandy lost to Tito via LAY AND F-ING PRAY! And Chuck also beat Vitor 4 YEARS after Wandy lost to Vitor. Wandy isn't overrated. Everyone stop using who beat who to support your arguement. 4 years is a long as time so you arguement holds no water.
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