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Originally Posted by obscura1560
Erm, what style are you? Because if you're a thai boxer, then your stance is completely lobsided. I put 60 percent of my weight on my rear leg, and always be on the ball of my lead leg. This way you can block kicks easier, step out of the way of kicks easier, and put more power into your punches and kicks.
I train boxing and Sanda/ SanShou, but I really don't fight like most of them do.

I have my weight on my front leg because I'm usually the type to move forward, or forward at an angle. Although, honestly, I'm pretty mobile when I'm sparring so my weight tends to slightly shift about rather frequently, so its not hard for me to shin check. But honestly, I still like to move in and jam -- hence, my weight is forward and ready to move in that direction.

I would dispute that being on the ball of your lead leg lets you put more power into punches. Shifting your weight is what gives punches power, and neither method seems to lend itself to that much more than the other. But, I'll admit there are little differences.

For instance, when your weight is off of the lead leg, when you shift your weight for a cross you might get a tiny bit more into it. But that's only because you can time the descent with your body's torque. On the flip side, a lead hook is weakened. Since a good amount of your weight is already on your rear leg, there's not much left to shift to get power. In the end, its a bit of a trade, although the differences are miniscule.

But you are definitely right, in the sense that its easier to move away from a blow when weight is on the rear leg.

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