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The reason why you don't see Ali's footwork in MMA is because of the takedown. Strikers cant move as freely when they have to worry about the shoot. Being upright and having a slightly narrower stance benefits speed. However, its harder to sprawl.[/QUOTE]
That is a very interesting observation.I am wondering if you could be more specific:Why does Ali style footwork leave someone vulnerable to a takedown? If I do recall, in the match that Ali had in Japan with I believe it was a judoka,I didn't see the fight or any footage of it, just a still photograph of Ali,obviously taken down on the mat and being subjected to some kind of leglock.
The flip side of the coin:What were the advantages of his unorthodox style? I don't recall anyone before him using that kind of footwork.What lead him to develop it? Do you know?
And thanks for some great feedback.
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