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Originally Posted by Pogo the Clown
Silva is highly overated on these forums. Sorry if that offends you. If anything he is the major underdog if he were to fight Liddell. yet everyone acts like he will just destroy Liddell. Like I said, Silva had to go to Pride to win the title because he couldn't do it in the UFC. Liddell did so that makes him the better fighter as he was able to beat the top competition that Silva couldn't.

lol i aint offended i just really get into things im not excactly a wanderlei nuthugger but some people give him alot less credit than he deserves due to his poor performance early in his career(in the ufc) then again on the flipside there are ALOT of people that think way too highly of him but enough of this bullshit talk none can know for sure until they actually fight but when the do look me up and we'll make some bets and wouldluvtofightyou said most of the valid points i would have said so i dont feel the need to repeat them

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