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Wow, this place is full of crazy people. Whoever said Tito has no stand-up was

On the Wandy note, well both sides have an interesting theory. The facts are laid out for everyone to see plain as day though. Wandy did not HAVE to go to Pride to win a LHW title at all. Wandy went to Pride because there was a lot more money there at the time, period. Wandy would have posed every bit the problem for Randy that Chuck did. He has pretty good takedown defense and he can throw either standing or in the clinch. Wanderlei is dangerous to anyone he fights because he is extremely hard to submit if he is taken down, and he knows how to work his guard to stalemate to get back to standup. Standing, in a one on one fight, I would give Silva a good chance to beat anyone....Iceman included.

I think the biggest difference here though is that Liddell has dangerous power. While Silva can beat on you a bit & drop you, Chuck seems to blast people with one punch & then it just gets ugly. That said, I don't think he could do that to Silva. Hell, Mark Hunt couldn't do that to Silva, and Cro Cop had a rough time trying to hurt him. I love Liddell & deeply respect his ability as a warrior, but he doesn't hit harder than either of those guys. What you would get with those two is a war of attricion (sp?), It would end up being who can keep going without gassing, and who has the better hand speed.

With that in mind I think Silva would pull out a win with an impartial set of judges but, as evidenced by this thread, getting an impartial set of judges in anywhere but Switzerland may be impossible in a HUGE UFC v Pride match like this. Anywho, I think I'm gonna leave this one alone for awhile because there are some obvious sherdog style fanboys in here and I got no time for that mess.

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