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The only reason muay thai is considered by many better than kung-fu is better it takes so little time to develop the very few techniques that muay thai has. And if u(whoever i read the post) cant take a blow, its because u dont train for it, thats all. Muay thai fighters use a stick(steel, wood whatever) and they rub very stronly the front part of their legs so they dont feel anything when they kick on any parts of the opponent's body. There are a lot of other ways to acheive the same goal in kung-fu(with potions, but basically the same thing).

Most of the "masters" in kung-fu today dont have 50% of what their own masters had.. and im not trying to offend any1 here, but im pretty sure they would agree themselves.. so its only natural that today's muay thai fighters, who dont have much to teach to their students, are a lot more closer to the original muay thai than today's student are to kung-fu.

If u take any masters that created their own style a few hundred years ago compare to any muay thai fighter, its just game over.
muay thai fighters works on kicks, knees, elbows, thats it. Kung-fu works on all those, + the rest, up to fingers. enough said i think.
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