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Originally Posted by Pr0d1gy
Nobody said he is superman, but he is no idiot either. I think you guys give Liddell way too much credit. Who has he beaten other than Babalu? An over the hill Couture? Tito "I quit if I can't take you down" Ortiz? There is just a little too much UFC nuthugging going on here for this to be realistic.

Chuck's last loss came to Rampage, and while it was more than a couple years ago, Rampage lost to Silva right after that and almost lost to Arona as well if not for a miracle powerbomb/Headbutt. Now, while that does not say how one fighter will do against another it does give you an idea of what kind of competition these guys have been facing. I mean Sobral was talked about as the greatest thing in LHW since sliced bread, but he is a lower top 10 in Pride's LHW division, AT BEST.

You gotta keep things in prespective here. I am a HUGE UFC fan, but you can't let your little hard ons determine what is real. What is real is that Wanderlei has constantly fought top 10 LHW fighters for years & still remains the champion, whereas Chuck has feasted on inferior opponents for much of his time in the UFC over the last few years.

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