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Originally Posted by Upnsmoke3
CC by KO again.He has Wandy's number.Its just not a good match up for him. Dont get me wrong Wandy is a outstanding fighter but sometimes in sports theres always that one team,one guy that has your number.
Tito has Kens
Yankees have the Red Sox(im a red sox fan)
Michael Jordan had the whole western conference number at one time
Chuck has Babalu's
Tim has AA
Hughes has Triggs
I think i have made my point.

This post is so true...but then inaccurate at the same time. What you say about someone having someone else's number is TRUE. But almost all of the examples you quoted are WRONG.

Tito does not have Kens number. Tito is much better than Ken. Ken is a has been. How does that mean Tito has Ken's number? Everyone has Ken's number.

Yankees red idea

Michael Jordan...perhaps..

Chuck and Babalu - YES and no... I still think Chuck is a better fighter overall. But I think were chuck slightly worse; ur statement would be true. Chuck is the nightmare for babalu...ridiculous striking and uncanny take down defense. Chuck could be a worse fighter and still never lose to Babalu. (I mean...Babalu could be the best fighter in that class, but always lose to Liddel. Currently that is not the case because Lidell is the best fighter in that class, thus ruining the example).

Tim has AA - Negatory. Tim has AA by nothing short of luck. He capitalized in match 2 and AA broke his leg in match 3. They need to go at it again and if AA loses when sylvia hasn't improved...I'll still think it was badluck that AA's mental state was ruined by his poor run of luck.

Hughes has triggs - Again wrong. Hughes is just a better fighter than Trigg. Put trigg up against GSP (got rocked), put him up against Penn and he's going down. Trigg just isn't as good as hughes. This example is worse than Chuck vs Babalu because were hughes a worse fighter; he would lose to trigg. It is not a mismatch that favors hughes.

I never count Wand out; but I think CC could very well ruin Silva's career if he hasnt' already done that. Shogun is the one who should avenge chute box's loss.
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