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Originally Posted by swpthleg
guys, when you read great works of poetry, it's always interesting to see how those poets/writers use meter and rhyme, or lack thereof. Sometimes what you don't hear is just as interesting.

If you are interested in reading poetry from the abyss, i'd recommend two clinical depressives, Anne Sexton and Sylvia Plath. Also Wilfred Owen, an English poet who wrote primarily about war.

I do not write poetry but I had to read a ton of it in college.
I find that the melancholy of my teenage years provided quite enough angst to fuel a lot of my "darker writing." I will check into Sexton and Plath (I have to make an effort to read more).

A lot of times my writing is usually built upon a phrase or line within the poem that I get fixated on. Usually, it will be there and not let go. After a while, I let everything else just "flow" from there. There are very few pieces that I've put together where I had a pre-conceived idea of how they would read. Many times, I get too frustrated in not getting them to "read" the way that I've envisioned them in my head.

It doesn't matter if you agree or disagree... As long as I don't bore you and I spark a moment of thought, my goal is achieved.

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