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Originally Posted by lilpuncher
Ok I have a basic question. How are contracts figured out? Is it per how many fights, for a length of time? ANd is the UFC getting desperate for decent/good fighters?
The contracts are either based on one fight or multiple. The purse depends on where your at on the score card. The higher you get, the more you get. And offcourse additional money when you win.

They should realy be looking for fighters from outside of North America to put up against the fighters they have now. This effects the rate at wich American fighters will develope.
When you fight in europe or asia there is a lot more dynamics when it comes to diciplines. Why do you think most ufc fighters get there asses kicked when they come to pride for one match? Because they barely have any challenge in the ufc. Robbie Lawler will probably see the same fate the first time he goes to japan (depending on the opponent offcourse).

BTW outside of America how many American champions are there? Standup or MMA.
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