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Regarding on how to escape an armbar, I usually see it coming right before its done and I pop up and roll with it and get a hold of my arm, I then try to stand up and instead of pulling my arm out, I twist it out

many people panic and fight a losing battle when they try to pry their arm out, but something I always say is that his upper body is much stronger than your arm, so what I do is I try and stand up or get up, and I step to my left (if my right arm is caught), this way you can turn your arm so that you have more leverage on your elbow, and from there you can pry your head out from behind his leg and twist your arm out.

Its risky, but I personally can say its always worked for me, however I'm still having problems with the one armbar where the opponant is on his stomach I.E (Nog vs Mirko)
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