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halo 3: a 7

Great graphics esspecially if you are on a HDTV but if not like e they are still ok

multiplayer is top notch

to many power weapons and close combat one it kill type weapons
exp. sword, shotgun, laser, sniper(if used correctly can be just like a shotgun) beam rifle, hammer, maulers (anywhere between 4 to 6 on maps.

I like and dislike the new ranking system, I dislike they way that they want you to be better at all weapons ect to rank up so in since they want me to use lasers and ghost and maulers if I want to rank up quiker.

there are some glitches that they need to work out where people are able to jump off the edge repeatedly now when they get the lead because it does not get them the penality.

but all in all it is a good game and is taking a good part of my life away from me for I cant stop playing it.

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