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For Me. I just don't like Mac. Yes. Great start for him in the semi's. I'll give him the fact that he does belong in the top teer of fighters on the show. I don't think people on the show have hyped him more then what is deserved. What has over hyped him is himself. I think it's fine to have a feeling of confidence about your abilities and to feel like you're the best but to proclaim it so vehemently without any humility while feeling free to point out the faults of the ones around you is just plain ignorance. I pose this to the readers; "How does one get better when one thinks, no, believes he is the best?"

I've always gone by the old adage "Train like you're #2, fight like you're #1."

When it comes to the fall of the greats (purely speculating here) which ones get more sympathy those who are cocky in the eyes of the fans or those who are more humble and less self-indulgently verbose?

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