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Tobal No. 1 is probably still pretty easy to find if you have a place that deals with PS1 games. Otherwise, you're probably relegated to looking online for it.

Actually Dream Factory has put out quite a few games:
  • Ehrgeiz: God Bless the Ring
  • Fighting Beauty Wulong
  • Tobal No. 1
  • Tobal 2
  • Crimson Tears
  • The Bouncer
  • Ultimate Fighting Championship: Tapout
  • UFC: Tapout 2

Ehrgeiz used the Tobal engine, but they changed the controls up so that it would move much faster. My big gripe with the game was that the controls sucked, and the AI was extremely cheesy.

Crimson Tears is pretty much the Tobal Quest Mode on steroids. Unfortunately, the random dungeon generation tends to be a double-edged sword.

Although they did do UFC: Tapout and Tapout 2 on the XBox, they just used the engine that Anchor created for the original UFC on the Dreamcast. As a result, it ended up like a poorly handled port on a dated engine.

If you ever get the time and determination to get a hold of Tobal 2, it's an absolute gem. I remember paying $70 for the import back in 1998 for it. I believe it's listed on eBay for only $20 now. If I recal correctly, Square/Enix re-released a few titles in a "greatest hits" collection for the PS2 a few years ago that included Tobal 2. Because of that, the regularly (and obscenely high) listed price for the game dropped making it not too expensive to obtain.

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