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Originally Posted by Pogo the Clown
They will probably be quickly escorted out if not arrested if they tried to disrupt a UFC PPV. They would also only be able to get away with it once before they are barred from the buildings all together or get a law suite thrown their way. This is not pro wrestling.

What they should do is spend money on advertising. That is buy commercial time on TUF and the UFN advertising their shows on PPV or Fox Sports.

they dont have to cause shit. just being there with the belts will draw attention. and if for some reason the camera goes to them to get there opinion on the main event they could say who they thought would win and be like and by the way if tim sylvia want to fight me to unify the belts im with it.(assuming its cro cop or fedor talking) sometimes being seen means alot. tito traveled to pride, chuck fought in pride, randy used to go over there with dan sometimes, and he said he wanted to fight wanderlei when he was there. it's a good way to get attention and you can do it in a respectful manner.
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