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Originally Posted by asskicker
If Franklin goes to Militech and is considered a full time Militech fighter I'd take Militech. But right now he's not Militech, Horn left, and Pulvers not a champion anymore and never will be again. They got some young guys and 2 champs one of which is pretty shitty for a champ. So I would put Militech at number 2. BTT is number one IMO and Chute Box is 3. Couture retiring really hurt Team Quest and they are no longer in this discussion. Punishments on the rise but they're not their yet.
thats who franklin rolls with though. he pretty much is part of that team. they come out together. they train together. so like i said the way i see it, they have three belts, at three weight classes, and the ex-champ at lw. and they have up and comers so imo due to those facts they are the best. btt has good guys but they arent champions. chute boxe has 2 champions so imo they are second.
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