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Originally Posted by Damone
Because he wanted to pad his record, and figured Saku would probably defeat him.

Who has Rickson beaten?

Why does anyone actually think Rickson stands a chance?

This is about as insane as Glazer & Trigg debating whether Rickson could beat Cro Cop.

Fedor would knock Rickson's head into the 17th row. I can see a kid carrying it around like a souvenir, or the announcers treating it like a fan caught a fly ball. "Hey, some kid caught Rickson Gracie's head! That'll be worth something in about 10 years".

This Rickson myth is getting way outta hand.
i agree, people think he is so great because he supposedly is undefeated, and most people havent really seen him fight..ive only seen 3-4 of his fights, and hes good but beat Fedor? no way, not a chance, i really think this fight would last all of 2 mins


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