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Originally Posted by USMCgrappler
Watch them both fight again,
and again,
and again.

If you still think the same thing, you don't know fighting.

But then again, if you see my blog, I might be bias.
I have watched them both fight and I have to tell you, Vera would get the crap kicked out of him if he stepped in the ring with Chuck and I have three reasons why:
1) Vera does all of his damage while standing from the clinch, Chuck is way too good a fighter and way to smart to clinch with a Muay Thai fighter.
2) Vera doesn't have the takedowns to put the fight on the ground. It was too hard for him to take down Scherner and, basically, Scherner sucks.
3) Chuck has KOs over strikers with faster hands than Vera, Randleman and Babalu for starters.

I am just talking about UFC, if we're talking all of MMA, I think he's number 3 or 4 (Rampage, Nog and Silva are probably better than Chuck).

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