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Originally Posted by Alex_DeLarge
I dont know if you want Silva on the ground, he's no chump, take a look at his past fights.

Franklin didnt look like himself blah blah. Franklin looked like he did in every fight. He always likes to start off mixing strikes, this time he fought a guy that is clearly the better striker, Franklin had a long time (basically since Silva beat Leben) to train for this fight and know what Silva was all about.

And he wouldnt only have to practice muai-thai clinch defense, he'd have to practice every other aspect in MMA...because Silva is more well rounded than him..period.
Silva, is w/o a question in my mind, a better and more well-rounded fighter than Franklin. He proved it tonight. But just because someone gets beat doesn't mean tey would get beat every time. I guarantee you that Silva is not as good on the ground as Dean Lister. They are just handing out black-belts in Jiu Jitsu at the chute boxe academy in Brazil. Wanderlei and Anderson are not black belts in my mind. Shogun is but those others are not. They focus on striking so much there. And they do a great job with it. Anderson is by far the best striker there. And in the MW division of the UFC right now. That is why I say take it to the ground. But that is much easier said then done. Not to mention you need to get in a good position. Silva is good. But his competition in the UFC thus far has not been. Aparently Hughes is going to move up and try and fight Silva now. That is the new rumor. Like to see that one. Hughes would not stand a chance. He thought BJ was a tough match. Wait til he meets a bigger, stronger, longer-lasting version.
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