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watch Fedor's 1.5 matches against Nog. He's a submission defense wizard whether he hits the ground or not. anyone who puts fedor in their guard is asking for pure death. He can hip posture anywhere he wants to, and his fists are bricks.

He's so lethal to the point where takedown defense is irrevelant. He can tap a striker, and stonewall a submission expert while pounding their face in grounded or standing.

I hate to sing his praises because I want him to lose the title to CroCop worse than anything. Truth is, Fedor fan or not, he'd slay rickson just like he did Nog. Luckly for Nog, he made the champ match a decision because he takes sledgehammers to the face and keeps going. Plenty of good shots to make Fedor to tap, and somehow Fedor's Sambo made him BJJ-proof.

I'd still love watching it however.

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