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Originally Posted by WouldLuv2FightU
I think I remember saying that if Anderson beats Franklin then the UFC "nuthuggers" nned to stop arguing that PRIDEs fighters are inferior to UFCs. Silva was a mediocre fighter in PRIDE, and almost even record, too lazy to check right now with all the traffic on MMA sites right now, and he beat an undefeated champ (undefeatd in the UFC) in the FIRST round. I still refuse to buy into either argument that either organization is better, they both have great fighters and horrible fighters. I just hope now that all the PRIDE 'nuthuggers' dont go overboard on the PRIDE is better shit. Me, I like to consider myself an MMA nuthugger because the organization doesn't mean shit and I guess I'm one of the only ones on this forum that understands that concept.

This post was in response to a couple on the last page, I saw when I submitted it that there were like 6 new posts since I started this post. Dont think I'm just ranting for no reason hahaha
hear hear!

I would like to see Frank Shamrock fight in PRIDE or UFC. Well, he probably is never goin to fight in the UFC again.
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