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Time for a reality check, Seth did nothing to win that fight. You all can say all you want about how much you dislike Hamill but he is so ridculously inexpereinced and he easily handled a veteran MMA fighter so that is saying something. How could you say he does not belong when he beat someone who everyone seems to think does belong. As for his questionable conditioning, look how active he is in his fights. He is non-stop trying to do something. He has to learn to be poised and fight smarter, he does not have that mindset yet but he is extremely active. When he has top position he needs to take his time, look to improve it and maximize his strenght, just very inefficient.

I followed Matt through his college wrestling career and wrestled at 167 and 190 most of the time but would wrestle heavyweight if the team had a stud to take out, he should be at 185. That is his more natural wieght. He is not a great MMA fighter right now but be rational people, he just started and he is winning his way against guys who have been in this for many, many years - that means something. Let's take someone like Griffin or Bonnar after they have been training just 11 months and put them in against Hamill after his 11 months and see who wins. It doesn't happen over night people, give it time. He'll lose some fights, especially if they move him along too fast but he can be a contender some day.
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