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Nice little summation. I agree with you on all points. Mac is my pick to win the tournament, and people whom rip on him only do so because of just how genuinely real he is. He's not there to make friends. He's not there to be a reality tv sensation. He's there to win, and if some ass like Hightower decides to act a fool, I'm glad someone like Mac is around to call him on it. War Machine and Hightower are flat out sad to watch, be it as fighters, or be it as human beings.

And to those whom rag on tonight's fight, I say lighten the hell up. These kids are doing the best with what they've got, and if you're looking for a PPV quality match, then don't tune in. How anyone can say that Tommy laid and prayed for two rounds is beyond me. I guess Ben's face bruised and bloodied itself... must be an unknown after effect of the flu. Some of you aren't very bright.
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