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i think if mac gets hurt im gonna laugh til my lungs implode. the guys a total douche. and of course he's better than everyone else, hes got more experience than his whole team put together.

in response to DeLarge's comment about Ben being bad b/c he didnt make tommy tap with the armbar: you can't tap everyone with an armbar. my elbow can hyperextend. you couldnt tap me unless you had some extra point of leverage closer to my elbow than any armbar allows. same is probably true with tommy, because his arm was definitely hyperextended. it will cause tendon problems later on but still... ben had that armbar by the book. it's not his fault tommy didnt tap. to say that ben is bad because he couldn't force someone to tap with a perfectly executed armbar is ignorant.

mac definitely is not a great fighter. anyone can look good when you put them in with people who arent as experienced or as proficient as themselves. the other fighters arent bad either, they are just inexperienced. fighters from the first 3 seasons had the advantage of competing in smaller promotions long before being on the show. that is to say they had PROFESSIONAL records. Diego Sanchez, Nate Quarry, Luke Cummo, Kenny Florian had all competed in promotions like RotR, KOTC, etc. the biggest issue with this season is the casting.
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